Mazel Tov!

Before February 2017 I had never attended a Jewish wedding no less photographed one but I had the pure blessing of doing so for Ashly and Asher Braunig. I have to tell you, I am still thinking about how beautiful and special I found the whole affaire. There is so much tradition in the Jewish culture and the wedding ceremony holds and is surrounded by many, many ceremonial rituals that each hold so much meaning. It's really amazing. 


The wedding consisted of about 40 people and was held at Ouisie's Table in River Oaks. Ashly and I met up a couple of months before the wedding so she could tell me what to expect from a Jewish ceremony (and that there would be no dancing at the reception so no Hora! [chair dance] No Hava Nagila! [chair dance song] MAJOR BUMMER). She was super sweet and down to earth, we hit it off right away.


One rule of Jewish weddings is that the bride and groom cannot be married before sunset and I knew the ceremony would be outdoors so I was a little anxious about shooting an outdoor ceremony in the dark. However it turned out really beautiful and the ceremony ended just before it was really dark. Though that meant the light was changing through out the entire ceremony so I had to keep changing camera settings and flash power which was a little nerve-wracking but I made it work!


By the end of the ceremony I was tearing up along with all of their closest family and friends, as if I'd known Ashly and Asher my whole life and I'd always been Jewish. It was that captivating y'all. 


Ouisie's Table was a great venue for that size wedding. Their outdoor garden space was gorgeous, especially at sunset. 

Ashly and Asher were a DREAM to work with and I hope they have the best life together.