Oh Hair Yes!

I had the distinct pleasure to work with Brittaney Elise this weekend. She is the owner and designer of Be by Brittaney Elise and she and her team have just completed the first brick and mortar salon of Bellami Hair. Bellami is an L.A. based online hair extension shop who is now building super fun salons across the country where you can go in to purchase permanent or clip in extension and have then put in and styled for you. 

Brittaney chose a classic, graphic pallet of black, white, pink and gold. The simplicity was striking yet everywhere you turn is something beautiful to behold. The front of the shop is 99% white while and has floor to ceiling windows on the front wall so I had AMAZING natural light to work with. I don't think I used a flash for most of the shots in that part of the shop. What was even better was there was some dramatic light cast on one wall and softer more even light cast on the opposite wall so I could get shot of both for Brittaney for her to choose her preference. 

Nikki, the owner of Bellami Hair, showed up and between her and Brittany we basically had a full on fashion photo shoot. These girls were SO FUN and comfortable in front of the camera. They obviously love to have their picture taken which makes my job so easy and not awkward and I will love them forever for that.  

Working with three (including Brittaney's assistant, also named Nikki) hard working, creative, and vibrant women was killer. I loved every second of it. 

I used the Canon 6D, Canon 17-40mm and Canon 50mm 1.4. Hardly any flash. No reflectors. 

In editing I did no color correction other than make the pinks pop to their true pinkiness. I allowed many of the images to be overexposed slightly to keep the space looking bright and fresh which lost a little of that pale pink paint saturation. The main editing I did was in wide room shots I had to brighten up the back of the shop. I pushed blacks and brought highlights down quite a bit.