Mike Romero Music In The Studio

This past August I was fortunate enough to spend a week in Nashville, TN with Mike Romero Music where they began recording their third studio album with producer Brent Milligan. 

The guys worked at the Brown Owl Studio and Milligan's home studio in the Brentwood neighborhood of Nashville. 

If you asked someone, who has wanted to be a photographer since they were a kid, what first made them want to be a photographer I bet you 90% would say wildlife pictures they saw in a book or magazine when they were young. That is completely true for me as well. I had a poster on my wall of a white tiger and everyday I would stare dreamily up at it as if looking at my future. Though white tiger portrait photography is still not a dream deserted so much as put on the back burner my second photography inspiration and dream job was music. 

I grew up surrounded by musicians in my family and as my friends and then I married one. The art and the artists have long been a major source of inspiration for me. Be it photographing a band live or shooting promotional material for an artist I just find it all super fun. But something that I've found I really enjoy is documenting the in studio writing and recording process. It's a really vulnerable and intimate time for the artist but it's also when a lot of the magic happens. I love getting to watch music be made. Being able to capture moments of someone creating something that might be really beautiful, that might move or speak to someone else who listens to that song in the near future is really special to me and I think it's special to the artist to have those moments in a photograph forever. 

Therefore if you are an artist that has studio time coming up and would like some killer photos, contact me! I'd love to work with you. A lot of artists end up using candid in studio shots for their album artwork (I.E. Ryan Adams: Easy Tiger...I'll think of more, just give me a minute)

If you are just a person who also enjoys music then all I can say is BUY MUSIC. Support the artists you love and respect.  


Here are just a handful of the 500+ shots I ended up with of Mike Romero Music in Nashville. There are a few more in the Music gallery of the site. 

Check out Mike Romero Music at www.mikeromeromusic.com