About S.R. Montgomery

Hello Friends and welcome. I want to get off to an honest start with you and tell you that I am a TERRIBLE blogger. I'm truly awful at it, no consistency whatsoever. But I'm going to try very hard with this blog and it's mostly to showcase my photos anyway so I believe I can do it. You don't want to hear me ramble on about myself all of the time anyhow. However, I am going to ramble for just a minute. Just for introductions sake. 

My name is Savannah, I'm 26 years old and two years ago I traded in my previously very German last name for a more English yet very southern sounding last name when I married Branden Montgomery. We live in Houston, TX and though I was very skeptical when I moved here from Austin, I really love it. We have a cat named Maeby. She's the best and we love her a lot. I'm fairly introverted. I love camping. I love clothes. I love traveling. I love tv. I love reading. I love walking. I love friends. I was blessed with a great family. I love a lot of things. No, I would not only do photography if I could do anything in the world. I don't find my identity in it but I love it and it works for me for now. I believe I was made in the image of my creator and therefore made to be creative, to live life and to love people. I'm working on becoming better at those things everyday. 

Below are some of my favorite pictures of us. 


Thanks for joining me!

- Savannah Rose Montgomery